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Dr. Kathryn Alderman
CEO/Founder of
Progressive Dental Mentor

CEO/Founder and Mentor to
Nebraska Family Dentistry Group and Progressive Practice Solutions.

Growth. Simplified. Worldwide.

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I simplify the process by focusing on many important areas, including:

Helping to create well-trained, accountable, and engaged teams

Creating simplified business systems that lead to growth

Offer products and services that can help your growth.

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My story is about hope and perseverance. 

I believe in living your best life and owning businesses allows me to do so.

Owning a business is not to make my life harder but richer, more rewarding, and with a bigger purpose.  

Over the years, I have learned how to make my business work for my life instead of me working for my business and losing my life to it, To me running a business should be a fun, exciting, and enriching life while I enjoy many moments of joy raising my kids with my husband.  

Every dental practice I have started is a successful one.  My focus is on creating and developing successful dental businesses without practice owners losing themselves in the process of running them.


I simplify the process of growth by focusing on important areas:   


Creating well-trained, accountable, and engaged teams.


Creating simplified business systems that lead to growth.


Marketing plans involving external, internal, and SEO campaigns.

My story before becoming CEO and successful business owner and developer is a story about perseverance. 

My life changed at 19 years old, sitting in the dark, with my 9-month-old baby, in a homeless shelter. I was new to the country. I couldn’t speak English. I had no job, no money, and no education. All I could think was “how am I going to survive?” I had come to America to thrive and vowed I would never be in this position again.

I was determined to gain freedom and independence in life through education. 

I completed the biochemistry degree with a math minor and was accepted to the college of dentistry. While studying dentistry I helped build my first startup practice – doing everything that didn’t require a license while I finished up university. 

A few years later, I graduated from dental school, started my second practice, and now I have 7 start-ups from scratch.

When I started mastering the business of dentistry, I had no idea how complex building practice would be – from HR to finances, to clinical management.

It was overwhelming and starting more practices only multiplied the chaos: high turnover of patients and team members. I felt like I had created a monster I couldn’t control.  I was working harder and harder and feeling less and less successful.

On top of that, I had a husband and my family. My dedication to building a successful group practice forced balance to go out the window. The overwhelming guilt of being an absent mother drove me to figure out how to better manage my time. I knew I could work hard, but could I learn to work smart? 

I had to, otherwise, I risked losing it all. I decided to focus on working on the business instead of just on it. 

I started developing programs to better our team members. I developed systems that were transferrable between our practices. I developed operations that lead to profitability.  I developed a partnership system that got doctors invested in the success of the practice. 

At this time, all practices have great cultures, well-trained and engaged teams, easy-to-follow systems, and operations that lead to profitability. 

I mentor many business owners and leaders to help them to grow their businesses without losing themselves to it. 


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