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Welcome to the Business Coordinator 101 Course. We will cover all of the components that you need to in order to be a ROCKSTAR Business Coordinator in your practice!

In this course, you will learn and understand the following:

✅ Dental procedures and the consequences of not receiving treatment. 

✅ How dentistry and overall health are connected. 

✅ An in-depth view of two of the primary dental diseases: decay and gum disease.

✅ How to inform patients of the fact that both of the aforementioned diseases often grow without symptoms, and ultimately cost more to fix over time. 

✅ How dental insurances work.

 The limitations dental insurances, and how to inform patients of them.

✅ The important role of every position on any dental team in helping to ensure that patients receive quality care.

✅ The importance of the business coordinator role in brand building, positive reputation, and ensuring a positive experience for both the patients and the team.