Confidence, Pass It On: Finances 101

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Those who go into healthcare industries such as dentistry have the desire to help improve people’s health and lives. However, running a dental practice doesn’t just require great clinical skills. It also requires good business sense — something which can be a source of frustration for many.

This is where a great business team comes in handy. Not only does a practice need a competent and efficient front desk team, but this team needs to be proficient in the financial issues and areas that are specific to dental businesses.

This course provides a thorough and comprehensive map of all of the major areas of business finances for dental practices. In this course, your business team members will learn how to track and utilize KPIs, how to properly navigate dental insurance and all of its complex bells-and-whistles, and also how to confidently present financial options to your patients.

By developing financial literacy, your team will feel confident in their abilities. This confidence is contagious: a team which understands how to communicate confidently to your patients regarding their financial concerns will lead to your patients feeling confident in their decision to accept treatment.

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