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Dr. Kathryn Alderman
Dr. Kathryn Alderman

This information is written by Dr.Kathryn Alderman
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SEO has different areas, and some are more important than others. Ultimately the goal of SEO is to be found by prospective quality clients. SEO only works when you use an approach involving omnichannel marketing. Just optimizing the website is not enough anymore. 

Besides omnichannel marketing, it is mainly about user experience (UX) and site speed, and great content plays a huge role. A great SEO/website agency understands that SEO has a lot of “teammates” who must work together. In this post, I will cover several steps that you can check to see the real results of an SEO/website agency. Ultimately, this should give you enough information to decide whether or not you should hire someone to do it for you.

Step #1

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Organic search traffic for any SEO/Marketing or your website should be at least a few thousand monthly. 

Check traffic to their own website. Do they promise to drive organic traffic to your website? If so, what is their score? Are they driving organic traffic to their website?

Here is one of the best ways to check the organic traffic for free to any website is to subscribe to MOZ for a free 30-day trial. This will allow you to see different marketing and SEO stats on their website and your own. MOZ also offers many easy SEO lessons. 

You can also ask me to do it for you. 

I have multiple software and can tell the traffic to any website within 2 minutes. 

You can ask me to check the traffic to your SEO/ website agency or your website. I would do this for free. 

Step #2

mobile friendly tool 2

Check their website’s layout and get a feel for user experience, especially if they promise to have an excellent website for you.

How is their website on a desktop versus a cell phone/tablet? 

Google prefers sites that are mobile-friendly and offer a positive user experience.

The easiest way to check mobile-friendliness is through Google Mobile-Friendly Tool.

What is your experience while on their website? Is it user-friendly? Does it keep your attention? Do they have a clear, concise call for action? 

Do they try to collect your email? If they do any of those things, they know marketing.

Step #3

social media

Do they promise to help with social engagement? If so, what is the level of engagement on their own social platforms? Which platforms of social media do they have? At a minimum, they should have Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can check all of these platforms to see their results and whether or not they engage their audience.

In short, Google prefers websites with social engagement, placing those higher in the SERP rankings. Excellent website/SEO agencies will prioritize their social engagement to maintain a higher ranking in SERP.

Step #4

Google insights

Check the few important stats regarding the loading speed of the SEO/ website/ agency you are considering. 

A.Page Speed Upload: Should be 

Google PageSpeed Insights is a bit simplistic; however, it does provide ‘real user metrics’ of the website speed for free, straight from Google.

B.Authority Score: It should be over 16-20 

You  can use MOZ Link Explorer to find the Authority Score (The free version gets you ten searches/crawls per day)

Step #5


Check SEO/website agency testimonials or ask for names of references.

If they do not list references or websites, would they be willing to share some with you? 

Next part, check the SEO success of the clients they have been working with for more than six months.  

The website/SEO companies will tell you that it takes around six months to rank well. The best way to check the work they are currently doing is to ask for the names of some of the websites they have been serving for six or more months. If they are doing a great job and delivering what they promise, a dental website they serve should deliver the following:


A dental website they serve should be found at #1 on the Google page and ranking for desired keywords (in short, this means you want to show up on the first page of results for Google). The top desired keywords in dentistry should be: 

  • dentist near “location”
  • best dentist “location” 
  • affordable dentistry “location” 
  • affordable dentist “location”
  • emergency dentist “location” 
  • main service at your dental office “location” 
  • dental service you want to be searched for “location”

How can you check?  Go Incognito and check for any of those keywords.
**Remember that clearing your computer’s cache/history can make for a cleaner search.

B. A dental website they serve should be found in the Google 3-Pack. What is the Google 3-Pack? The shortest definition of Google’s 3-Pack are the top three results for LOCAL SERP results.

How can you check? Go Incognito and see if the practice shows up in Google maps for the keywords as described above: 

  • dentist near “location
  • best dentist “location” 
  • affordable dentistry “location” 
  • affordable dentist “ location”
  • emergency dentist “location” 
  • main service at your office “location” 
  • dental service you want to be searched for “location”


A dental website they serve should have an updated, optimized GMB. Optimized GMB is a HUGE factor in modern marketing for any dental office. Check out what I ask my teams have on my GMB pages. Optimizing Google Pages Please feel free to use this info for your office. 


A dental website they serve should have healthy uploading speeds.

Check with Google Page Speed


Check how the practice the SEO/website agency is serving is performing on social platforms. Does the agency provide unique content or stock posts with zero engagement?


Check the video content provided by the website/SEO company. A great agency will understand the power of the videos and the importance of the video content as part of the SEO package. 


Check the content of the website they are serving. Can you tell visiting the website the advantages of choosing that practice over another? Would you consider being a patient there? Is the website content they provide useful and patient-friendly? Is their website engaging? Does the website upload well on a mobile device? Once loaded, does the website look good on a mobile device? 

Check for free on Google Mobile-Friendly Test


RED FLAG, if any SEO/Website agency asks you to prioritize spending money on Google ads without ensuring the website is well-optimized for SEO. 

An optimized website for SEO should be the main goal of any experienced, solid agency.

They know that a well-optimized website is important for healthy organic traffic and optimizing the results of Google ads.

The steps described are the ones you can do without any technical background. If you prefer a detailed technical audit, I have 30 steps to conduct a detailed technical SEO, or I can do that for you for $500.

This information is not meant to provide a high level of technical SEO audit but rather just to inform you of the basics when auditing an SEO/website agency.

Please note the information in this post is simplified for the sole purpose of helping you decide whether or not to hire a website/SEO agency. If you are a marketer that needs help with your website to promote your business, these steps would be different. Please reach out if you want to know more about what I look for when hiring a digital marketing expert for an online business. The audit for an eCommerce website would be different.


If you would like a link to a relevant dental website, please add your practice to this website.

Bonus: You can edit and delete the reviews on this platform.

Kathryn Alderman DDS

About me: I am a multi-location owner and had to master SEO, advertising, and marketing.  I do offer mentoring program and learning about marketing is a part of the program to help you to grow your practice FAST without burnout. Please visit to learn more.

Wishing you success in choosing an SEO/Website agency. 

Dr. Kathryn Alderman 

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