Insurance Negotiations Simplified

Access The 5 Step Strategy for Increasing Insurance Reimbursement for Dental Offices

Whether you’re preparing to launch your startup dental practice, or you’re a seasoned practice owner with multiple, well-established locations, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by insurance negotiations.

Learn how you can improve your negotiation skills to improve reimbursement rates from your following professionals:

Dr. Kathryn Alderman

About Dr. Kathryn Alderman

Founder and CEO of Progressive Dental Mentor and Nebraska Family Dentistry, a multi-location dental group

As a compassionate dental provider and business owner of multiple successful dental practices, Dr. Kathryn is now devoting her time and efforts to helping lead other start-up practices to success. She is passionate about providing insights on helping build good relations with provider-to-patient in order to strengthen the team’s and patient’s overall experience.

Maritza Duran

About Maritza Duran

Founder and CEO of MDent Consulting

After starting her career as a dental assistant and working as an office manager for over 18 years, Maritza started MDent to utilize her expertise in a way that could help dental practices flourish. She has helped with the development and expansion of 15 startup practices. She is also a Certified Body Language Trainer and Leadership Coach.

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