Mentoring Business Coordinators

“My team is here to help you to create your next Rockstar, a business coordinator, formerly known as a customer service or front desk.”

The practice’s success is proportional to your business team’s training level. The position is critical for the success and growth of your practice. 

 A business coordinator accelerates the growth of your business, and we need to be trained business coordinators despite the challenges we face in dentistry.

Current Challenges We Experience in Dentistry

To find trained, experienced people.

To find the time to train. We need technically trained people to understand dental terms and procedures.

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We need technically trained Business Coordinators who understand dentistry’s unique challenges and are trained to accelerate the growth of Your practice.

The program offers an online mentoring program:

✅ We save you over 45 hours of providing mentoring 

✅ We help you to improve existing business coordinators.

✅ We develop new ones without prior dental experience. 

✅ We train the technical skills and knowledge and 

✅ Save you over 40 hours. 

✅ We motivate to keep your business growing 

✅ We coach via recorded or live classes with real mentors 

✅ We inspire on the importance of the position

✅ We help to optimize your business team performance

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Are you ready to optimize your business team performance to ensure the growth of your dental practice?

Enroll your rising star into the program to become a business coordinator.

Modules we will cover to receive the Business Certificate

✅ Welcome to your new position as a business coordinator 

✅ Understanding the connection between dental and overall health 

✅ Understanding dental procedures and consequences of not completing dental treatment 

✅ Understanding the exclusive, upmarket dental procedures 

✅ Providing exceptional experience: Understanding customer service and your part in it 

✅ Effective and positive communication 

✅ Excellent phone skills 

✅ Culture, Brand Building 

✅ Teamwork and Team Building 

✅ Internal marketing 

✅ New patients: Creating high acceptance as a team

✅ Preventing and dealing with the conflict 

✅ Creating a perfect schedule in a non-perfect world

✅ Preventing no-shows and last-minute cancellations

✅ Understanding ledgers and dental insurance   

✅ Presenting finances with lots of confidence  

✅ Understanding healthy business stats ( KPIs)

Business Coordinators will learn and understand 

Understanding dental procedures and consequences of no treatment 

Understanding how dentistry and overall health are connected 

Understanding in-depth two main diseases: decay and gum disease

Understanding that gum disease and decay often have no symptoms and yet, both diseases grow and ultimately cost more to fix over time. 

Understanding how dental insurances work

Understanding that dental insurance will never cover all the needed treatment and not completing it will lead to bigger expenses.

Understanding an important role of every position on any dental team in helping patients

Understanding an important role of a business coordinator in brand building and positive reputation, positive experience for patients and teams.


Enroll your rising star in the program,
and let’s create your next  Rockstar, the business coordinator.

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