Optimizing Google Pages in Dentistry

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Optimizing your Google Pages in Dentistry

Google, SEO, and the science behind it all are amazing. Google has algorithms that count many things considering information listed on your Google page, website, and social platforms.  

You may wonder how local businesses can compete online with national brands and chains.  The key is that  Google prioritizes local businesses in results for local searches. And the top picks show up in a search result feature you may be familiar with—the Google Map Pack. To optimize your business listing for local SEO, you first need to understand the three main ranking factors that Google uses for local searches.

How Does Google Determine Local Search Rankings? How Does Google Determine Local Search Rankings? Google doesn’t openly share details about how they calculate local search rankings. However, according to their guidelines, there are three major factors businesses should focus on when optimizing for local search.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to understand log file analysis, link juice, or latent semantic index keywords to do local SEO well. In fact, you don’t even need an  SEO  strategy to improve your local  SEO  and start getting found in more search results. You just need to make a few updates to your Google My Business listing.

This document covers the most important things you can list on your Google page.

By optimizing your Google page, you will take a great positive step toward improving your overall SEO ( search engine optimization) strategy. By following those steps, you can rank in the top 3 local search results from Google Maps. That is the best place to be at. 

Once you have your Google page optimized, you can check your website, and at the end of this doc, I will list the top few things to check on your landing page on your website.

Optimizing your Google page is crucial for traffic to your website. Google experts know that your website optimization has to go along with optimizing your Google page. 

The most popular keywords you should have on your website and your google pages:


Dentist “your location”

Dentist in “your location”

Affordable dentist “your location”

Emergency dentist “your location”


Below are the sections for your Google page and the info you need to have.

By optimizing your Google page, your Google map listing will be optimized as well. 

Below is the section on your Google page and info to add to those sections:


Simply add: ”Name of your office” or “your name.” 


Posts allow a great way to share updates, news, and promotions. Google loves to see links to your website. Under posts, you can add any pictures or updates and add BOOK/ LEARN more to your blog. Website page. 

How to Write Google My Business Posts That Drive Results?

5 Steps to Creating a Great Google My Business Post

  1. Pick your post type: event, offer, specials, or announcements
  2. Choosing the right photos and videos. Avoid using stock photos. The photo or video you upload with your new Google My Business posts should be authentic to your practice. Any image you use should be visually appealing and engaging and represent your business well. If possible, avoid having text over your photos, particularly as images get cropped differently for desktop and mobile.
  3. Pick a keyword-driven title. Keep your post title concise and include a keyword you want to target when you write a post.
  4. Choosing the right Call to Action (CTA). Always include a call to action button when posting. Avoid adding your phone number, as it is already listed on your GPB. Also, do not include your email. 
  5. Consider desktop & mobile devices. Your Google My Business Posts will look different on a mobile device than on your computer. While your post can include upwards of 1,500 characters, it’s often recommended to keep them below 500. The entire content of a post is visible on desktop devices; however, the text is truncated on mobile devices. As a result, you want to keep the most important information at the start of your post so it doesn’t get cut off on the mobile view.
  6. Your business profile has a variety of features, including a Q&A section. Google’s machine learning can try to use the content from your posts to answer questions in your GMB Knowledge Panel.  NEW in 2022 needs some research. 

INFO: Your biggest category

info graphic

Here you need to add your office under every area of your expertise that can legally be applied to you. I do lots of endos and am at the level of an experienced endodontist, but I am not an endodontist. Therefore, I can not list my practice under “endodontist.” 

Categories you should have your practice listed as a general practice.

Dentist ( first on the top) 

Dental Clinic 

Emergency Care Service 

Emergency dental service 

Dental hygienist 

Dental radiology

Denture Care Center

Teeth whitening service 

Cosmetic Dentist 

Dental implant provider

Also, if it applies, list your practice under ….



Pediatric Dentist

Oral Surgeon 

Service Areas:

List all small towns around you and all towns that you serve to increase the radius of your Google page reach. 



Simply add the hours you are open 

Short Name: 

The short name would look like this @yourofficename and allows you to share and ask for reviews without using the long URL associated with your Google page

dental insurance

Accepted Health Insurance

You can add insurances that apply to your office. The list is long, and not all apply to dental offices. You can just choose the ones that apply to dentistry. 

Your Website:

Simply list your website URL.

Managing the Schedule

Appointment Links:

The best is to use your website URL if you offer online scheduling.

Virtual care link and example: https://nebraskafamilydentistry.com/virtual-dental-consultant-teledentistry-near-me/

From the Business:

Add attributes if applicable to your office 

ex: women-owned

ex: veteran-owned


Add anything that applies to your office; choices are given.

Health and Safety:

Choices are given by Google.

Description of Your Business:

The best is to include some popular keywords in your description.

Looking for compassionate dentists near me in Lincoln, NE, who provide excellent dental care?

Nebraska Family Dentistry is a group of kind, caring Lincoln dentists that offer cosmetic dentistry procedures, implant-retained dentures, dental emergencies as well as general family dentistry, and children’s dentistry. Nebraska Family Dentistry is partnered with multiple dental clinics that are conveniently located in different parts of Lincoln, NE. Our Lincoln Dentists use state-of-the-art technology to help patients better understand their oral health and treatment options.

Our patients are our number one priority, and we take the utmost care in making sure patients are comfortable and receive excellent customer service and dental care.

Opening Date:

The date you opened the office


This tab has info that tells you: 

# total views

# of people visiting your website from your Google page 

# of website visits 

# of phone calls from your google page

# of people using maps in your office. 

# LOCATION, increasing the radius of your reach 

# Add small towns if patients drive from them to see you

# Add zip codes you use 

Local Citation: Use exact google map citations

Your business NAP is basically an acronym for your business name, address, and phone number:

location globe

N = Business Name

A = Business Address

P = Business Phone number

The most authoritative Google Map citations for local SEO are those that are consistent with your Google business page. The way you publish your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on external websites and directories should be an exact match to the NAP on your Google business page.

Every published Google Map citation on external websites and directories should be an exact match to that NAP used on the Google My Business page.

A local citation is a data set made up of seven data points that collectively make up a local citation.  

Those seven data points are:

Your business name

Your business street address

Your city

Your state

Your zip code

Your business phone number

Your website URL




Add Local Business Schema Markup. After you include the NAP for your business on your website., you want to wrap the address in what’s called Schema language.

Schema language is a structural protocol adopted by Google, Yahoo, & Bing to make it easier to determine certain datasets within web pages.  I refer to Schema language as direct data that enhances key data sets within web pages.  Direct data is particularly relevant when it comes to local SEO.

You can view the full hierarchy of Schemas or direct data sets

The point in leveraging Schema language, or direct data sets, is they dramatically enhance the authority of your web pages within your local market. 

REVIEWS: How to get positive reviews? 


Not fair, but patients do check reviews and choose offices with 4.9 or higher rankings 

The best is to reply to your reviews, both positive and negative reviews. 

Google loves when a business interacts and responds to reviews. 

How to keep your page from getting negative once? I don’t have the magic answer, and all of us will get negative once. 

The best way I have found is to ask patients you know a positive experience by texting them this message right after their appointment:

“Sarah, Thank you very much for visiting our office today. May you please share your positive experience on our Google page (  @nameoftheoffice.) If you have any questions or ideas for us to improve, please call our office. We appreciate your trust and allowing us to provide your dental care.” 

What about patients who would likely leave a negative review? For every patient with a less-than-ideal experience or the once impossible to please, we provide a platform to “vent” and share reviews without hurting our ranking by emailing them this message: 

“We hope you had a positive experience at our office. We are hoping to provide compassionate dentistry in a non-judgemental atmosphere and help patients to overcome common dental anxiety associated with dentistry.  By sharing your experience with people that are afraid, you will help them to overcome their fears and see dentists help improve their dental and overall health. May you please share your experience with people that are afraid of dentists here:

“If you did not have a positive experience, please let us know, and we’ll make it right for you. “

Using this platform. Dentist for Cowards allows us to get more links to our website, and overall, it leads to higher SEO results.

Please feel free to add your practice and ask patients to leave reviews. You can edit and delete the reviews on this platform.


This feature allows you to add the ability to text your office. 

Many patients prefer texting vs. phone calls, and we use texting as one of the main ways to communicate.


video page

It is great to update photos, videos, and virtual tours to show Google your page is being updated regularly.

It is great to keep updating photos and videos and adding new ones of you, your team, and interior and exterior pictures. 

The best is to use unique pictures and videos in your office and avoid stock photos and videos. 

Do TAG/ NAME every photo using your location, and this is called GEO tagging.

*Example. Dentist in Lincoln, NE working on her patient. 


This is another area that allows you to add desired keywords. 

The best is to add a quality picture of the product/ service you offer.

Short description of the service/product:

Veneers are thin coverings that are placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. They look like natural teeth. Veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, such as teeth that are stained and can’t be whitened by bleaching.

Price Range:

You can list a range or skip adding prices 

Do add learn more on your website: 

website screen

Ex: https://nebraskafamilydentistry.com/veneers/

Example: If you want to replace all teeth, a hybrid bridge is the most innovative best option for replacing all teeth. This option uses multiple dental implants and a porcelain bridge, 

The final product is a beautiful, natural-looking smile that stays in your mouth permanently and looks as if you were born with it. This option allows you to smile and chew your food with full confidence. If you are looking for a “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” to replace all of your teeth, schedule your first consultation 24/7 by visiting https://lincolndentistne.com.


This is another area where you can add all the dental services you offer and descriptions. 

While writing short descriptions, you can add desired keywords to describe those services offered at your office examples: 

● Sedation Dentistry

● Cosmetic Dentistry

● Children’s Dentistry

● Cosmetic Dentures

● Flexible partial dentures

● Hybrid Prosthesis

● Implant retained dentures

● Metal-Free Dentistry

Ex: Cosmetic Dentistry –
Searching for a cosmetic dentist near me? Cosmetic dentistry can brighten any smile. We think it’s essential to make sure you know the value and understand each cosmetic dentistry segment’s benefits. Our Lincoln Dental Clinics offer cosmetic dentistry services: Teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, white dental fillings, and replacement of missing teeth.



You do not need to do it. Having your own website is better. 

Please see details on optimizing your current website to get better rankings on your Google page below. Link here. 


You can simply add anyone who can help you to manage your Google page by assigning their role to them. 


Some basic info is required. 


Google emphasizes recency of business status to bolster consumer trust

Optimize Your Website Homepage

insurance having

After you optimize your Google page, it is good to check the optimization of your landing page and website. When you create your Google Maps business listing, one of the sections you need to fill out is your website URL.  When you add your website URL to your Google business page, you are creating what I call the “landing page” to your Google Maps listing, which plays an important role in your overall local SEO strategy.  The website you associate with your Google Maps listing will directly influence the ranking and authority in the local search results.  Google uses your website to make key associations with your Google Maps listing, such as keyword targeting, business category relevance, and domain authority, which impact your rankings.

After you optimize your landing page, it is good to check the optimization of your entire website to ensure it has the top things:

Popular keywords in the Meta description, SEO title, and in your URL name.

  • Great and duplicate free content
  • Links to authority websites
  • Links to social platforms. 

SEO can be challenging, and in this doc, I tried to summarize the top things for Google pages only. 

Most agencies should know how to do Google pages and optimize websites. If you need help auditing your agency and ensuring they are doing a great job, I can share things you should look for. 

Wishing you the best in optimizing and seeing more new patients finding you.

Dr. Kathryn Alderman
Dr. Kathryn Alderman

Dr. Kathryn Alderman
Mentor. and CEO of Nebraska Family Dentistry

This information is written by Dr.Kathryn Alderman
CEO, Founder, and Mentor:
Nebraska Family Dentistry 
Progressive Practice Solutions.

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