Compliance in Dentistry Course

This compliance course covers the key aspects of HIPAA compliance, workplace safety, oral sedation, radiation safety, pregnancy in the workplace, and responding to medical emergencies.

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Compliance Training Center

HIPAA Compliance Course Content 

  1. What is HIPAA? Our Legal Duty 
  2. Who & What Does HIPAA Protect?  
  3. HITECH & The OMNIBUS Rule: What Are They? 
  4. Electronic Communications 
  5. HIPAA & Cybersecurity 
  6. Consent Forms 101 
  7. HIPAA Exceptions: Releasing Protected Information 
  8. Accessing & Releasing Health Records 
  9. Patient Dismissal 
  10. Reporting HIPAA Breaches 
  11. REVIEW: Vocab & Key Concepts 
  12. QUIZ: HIPAA Compliance 
  13. The Importance of Health & Workplace Safety 
  14. What is OSHA? 
  15. The Chain of Infection
  16. Bloodborne Pathogens: Hepatitis & HIV 
  17. Airborne Diseases 
  18. Exposure Control Plan 
  19. Personal Protective Equipment 
  20. Sterilization Procedures 
  21. Cleaning & Disinfection 101 
  22. Hazard Management 
  23. Employee Safety
  24. QUIZ: OSHA Compliance 


Safe Oral Sedation

  1. Oral Sedation in the Dental Office 
  2. Important Precautions 
  3. More About Triazolapam  
  4. Always Be Prepared  
  5. QUIZ: Safe Oral Sedation 


Radiation Safety 

  1. The Importance of Radiation Safety 
  2. Keeping Your Team Safe 
  3. Ensuring Patient Safety 
  4. QAQC & Radiation Equipment  
  5. QUIZ: Radiation Safety 


Post-Pregnancy in the Workplace

  1. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 
  2. The Employer’s Responsibilities 
  3. Breastfeeding & Pumping in the Office 
  4. QUIZ: Post-Pregnancy in the Workplace 


Responding to Medical Emergencies 

  1. Medical Emergencies in a Dental Office 
  2. Medical Emergency Kits
  3. Always Be Prepared 
  4. Prevention is Key
  5. Emergency Situations: Syncope 
  6. Emergency Situations: Hypertension 
  7. Emergency Situations: Hypoglycemia  
  8. Emergency Situations: Airway Obstruction 
  9. Emergency Situations: Seizures 
  10. Emergency Situations: Overdose
  11. Emergency Situations: Angina  
  12. Other Emergency Situations 
  13. Antibiotic Prophylaxis 
  14. Resources: Quick Reference Google Slides 


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