Business coordinator and your role in achieving healthy KPIs.

Business Coordinator and your role in achieving healthy KPIs. 


What is your role in it? 

As a business coordinator, you want to ensure you understand those KPIs and do an excellent job taking care of your daily area of accountability to ensure the practice is successful.

What are your daily responsibilities that will lead to healthy office KPIs? Let’s look at one example of areas that need your daily attention for the practice KPI stats to be healthy. 

Progressive Mentor: Training, Daily Accountability for Business ( Scheduling) Team

During our next lessons, we will take a closer look at all major systems in a dental practice leading to healthy KPIs, and each one involves you, the business coordinator.

We will look closely at the systems and your part in those:

Excellent customer service


Practice Branding

Creating a perfect schedule in a non-perfect world

Preventing no-shows and last-minute cancellations

Presenting finances with confidence

Preventing and dealing with the conflict