CDT Codes 101

CDT Codes


CDT (Current Dental Terminology) codes are a set of codes that are used in the dental industry as a standard coding system that identifies specific dental procedures and services. These codes are maintained by the American Dental Association and are recognized by insurance companies to help ensure that dental services are accurately reported and reimbursed. 


It is highly recommended that you take note of CDT codes and internalize them. Over time, you will come to learn them as if they are a separate language. However, this takes time! In the meantime, please look over the list below of the different CDT code categories. Feel free to write them down if it helps you learn quicker.



Take a look at the American Dental Association’s log of its codes for dental treatments. These will look familiar: you already learned many of them from our “Common Dental Diseases” module! 


Using CDT Codes When Handling Insurance Claims


This is where the importance of verifying a patient’s insurance coverage really shines through the most. Patients need to know what is and isn’t covered by their insurance plan. Sometimes, a certain treatment or procedure may not be covered for a patient, or may only have partial coverage. 


Click here to review a patient acknowledgment form that you’ll use to help patients understand the possibility of some services not being covered by insurance. 


Click here to view an insurance fees cheat sheet for downgrades. This will come in handy in the case of insurance downgrades, and ensuring that your claims are handled with the proper knowledge and understanding.