Collecting Great Reviews

In today’s technologically advanced society, the impression that your practice makes on a patient has a far more significant impact. Just think about it. Anytime that you are going to try out a new restaurant, you look online either on Google or Yelp to read the reviews. The same goes for a new store or a new service. This is also true for a new dental practice. Collecting great reviews is a great way to leave a good impression on potential new patients and your community. 


But how do you get your happy patients to leave a good review? Think about the times that you’ve been inclined to write a review for a business online. Was it because it was a bad experience, or a good one? Unfortunately, many patients who have great experiences will share it with friends or family, but might not be motivated to find your page online and write about it there. As the business coordinator, you have a great influence on what your practice might be able to do in order to incentivize positive reviews. Take a look at some of these tips: 



As a dental hygienist, the impact that you have on your patients will play an extremely crucial part in ensuring that patients have a positive enough experience at your clinic that they want to write a positive review.


As you will soon learn, it is possible to ensure that your patients have an outstanding experience each time. The skills that this requires are beyond anything you would learn in school – in fact, you have to have great business sense, on top of your refined clinical skills! No worries. You will learn all of that and more in this course.