Educating Patients About Cavities

Many patients do not have a full understanding of tooth decay or why cavities are so dangerous to leave untreated. Because cavities show no signs in their early stages, and that some cavities (especially those between the teeth or those under existing fillings) are hard to spot with the naked eye, it is important that the patients get regular dental exams, and follow through with treatment promptly when a cavity is spotted. Take a look at the images below for examples. 




WATCH: “Tooth Decay Under a Crown


Take a look at the videos below for examples of some of the common questions that you might expect to hear from patients. Take note of the answers given, and use them to your own benefit when addressing patient concerns.


Commonly asked question #1: “Can you fix cavities at home?” (WATCH)


Commonly asked question #2: “Can I get a cavity under dental fillings?” (WATCH


Commonly asked question #3: “I have a cavity. Do I need a root canal?” (WATCH


To learn even more about cavities, here are some more educational materials for your perusal.


WATCH: Wait, Can Cavities Go Away on Their Own? (Incipient Decay Explained)