Ensuring That Your Brand Practice Stands Out

With the right branding, your practice & its brand will stand out among the sea of choices in your community. But what can you do in order to achieve this effect? If branding is so broad and encompassing, what are the specifics? While there are several factors that will heavily influence your brand, there are certainly a few key features that will certainly ensure that the image that your practice maintains is a positive one.



Your practice has a brand, even if you do not talk about it. It is how the community and patients perceive your practice. 



A few examples of what your practice may do could be:


  • Offers a nonjudgmental zone to those with bad oral hygiene or dental anxiety. 
  • Always completes appointments on time.
  • Provides exceptional customer service. 
  • Has a state-of-the-art online scheduling system. 
  • Offers sedation dentistry. 


Now, ask yourself: In what ways can I deliver on the PROMISE that my practice makes to my community? How can I represent the brand?