Focusing on the Value of Treatment

The value of dental treatment cannot be overstated. Not only does it ensure better overall health — it also ensures that your patients have a greater quality of life, and a confident smile. Dental treatment makes a night-and-day difference for those who seek it out. Their pain is eliminated, their teeth chew and bite efficiently, and their smile brightens whatever room they’re in. 


Unfortunately, there are many aspects of dental care that understate its value to the general public. Many patients do not understand how much it will affect their overall health, or how important it is to treat cavities before they advance so far that they begin to hurt and show symptoms. The financial aspect only doubles this issue for dental practices and oral health advocates. 


  1. Dental health is an integral part of overall health. Unfortunately, patients do not understand this and therefore do not value dental health as they should. 
  2. As you can recall from previous modules, the most common dental diseases — such as cavities and gum disease — are silent, and do not cause any pain or discomfort until the advanced stage. The lack of symptoms gives the individual suffering from it false confidence that they can put off treatment, and do not require help until symptoms can be detected.
  3. Dentistry often has a negative perception for patients, which is often based on prior negative experiences.
  4. Despite the fact that dental care is just as important as any other healthcare, insurance seldom offers more than limited coverage on dental treatment. The high cost of treatment in addition to the lack of full insurance coverage make dentistry even less desirable for patients to make it an integral part of their lives. 
  5. Patients have a hard time paying for elective things, especially those thinking of the potential discomfort associated with the treatment, or pain in their mouths from postoperative sensitivity. 


Dental treatment can be easy to put off until it starts to hurt. Not only because of the above factors, but because each patient has their own lives and their own conflicts. In our technologically advanced world, your messages are quickly drowned out by millions of others. This can make it far too easy for patients to ignore their need for treatment, and avoid seeing the dentist before it is unfortunately too late.



Patients want to feel like they are investing in themselves and their health — by understanding just how valuable of an investment that dental care is, they will not dismiss the opportunity to seek treatment, no matter the difficulties that they may currently face in their situation. 


Your business team, just like your clinical team, should keep the value of treatment at the forefront of discussion, even when the real topic is finances. 


This way, your team will be able to go over payment options with confidence, and focus on the value of treatment. Encourage your patients to seek the best for their oral health and emphasize how important it is for their health and overall quality-of-life. By focusing on the value of treatment, patients will not get so easily hung up on the financial frustrations that they may have with their insurance or the cost of treatment in general. You will achieve greater success in helping your patients successfully and confidently treat their conditions.