Great things to do

Phone training:
Great things to do and examples

transform happy
  • Smiling on the phone
  • Always focusing on what can be done, instead of what can’t be done
  • Never saying NO
  • Always using power words, such as Absolutely, Of course, I would be happy to, Thank you, I would be happy to…., absolutely.

Begin with an Introduction

  • When we work with customers face-to-face, we usually begin by introducing ourselves. The same should be true at the beginning of phone calls. Start with an introduction that includes your name and ask for the caller’s name. Once you have that information, use it throughout the conversation to personalize the call.
    • ”Thank you for calling NorthStar Dental this is Haley, how may I help you?
    • “May I ask who I’m speaking with?”
  • Take notes during the conversation so you don’t have to ask the same questions again and to avoid having the patient repeat themselves  EX:  name or desired appt time

Mind Your Manners

  • It’s extremely important to use common courtesies when working with customers on the phone. A simple “please” or “thank you” will go a long way in establishing our professionalism and maintaining a pleasant conversation.  It’s also important to let the patient know they have 100% of our attention.  Don’t speak too fast or loudly and NEVER interrupt a patient when they are speaking!  If you need to place the caller on hold, ask them before doing so and then thank them for holding. 
    • “May I put you on hold please?” 
    • “Thank you for holding.”

Proper Phone Language

  • We tell our callers a lot through our tone but the words and phrases we use send a message as well. Unfortunately, sometimes we send a negative message so please be aware of the language you are using.
  • Instead of saying “You have to” or “You need to” try saying “Will you please” or “Would you please?” 
  • “Your problem” or “Your complaint,” sounds better as “Your question,” or “Your concern”
  • “I can’t do that” Instead, tell the caller what you can do for them (this is important when scheduling an appt, especially if they are requesting a specific day and there aren’t any openings)