Handle patients that call and come back complaining of a toothache?

Handle patients that call and come back complaining of a toothache

The DENTIST should Always discuss expected post-sensitivity after any dental work

Patients with chronic inflammatory medical conditions or autoimmune conditions have an exaggerated inflammatory response and may have more severe post-operative sensitivity due to higher levels of inflammatory markers in the blood. These patients are at higher risk of complications and infections after receiving extensive dental treatment. 

Patients who grind their teeth typically experience more post-operative sensitivity including aching and a bruised feeling around the roots of the teeth after dental treatment. Teeth grinding and clenching causes stress to the nerve. When the nerve is already stressed from dental treatment, this added stress from grinding or clenching the teeth increases the inflammation of the nerve. Patients should be educated that wearing a nightguard after the treatment plan is completed will help reduce the amount of stress on the nerve and prolong the life of the dental restorations.