Introduction to Dental Insurance


As you’re fully aware by this point, dentistry is one of the many healthcare specialties. Routine dental care is not only essential to our oral health but also our overall health too. Unfortunately, insurance treats dental care differently than it does other forms of healthcare. 


Dental insurance plans work a bit differently than the different kinds of health insurance, and often, they do not cover the entire cost of a patient’s treatment. This can be a tricky issue to navigate. It causes stress for the patient and the dental clinic team, especially when it is improperly handled or communicated. 


Dental insurance typically covers preventative care (like cleanings and checkups), basic procedures (fillings and extractions), as well some portion of major procedures (like root canals and crowns). However, the specifics of what is and what is not covered can vary widely depending on the insurance plan that the individual patient has. 


While dealing with dental insurance, you will face both the patients who are seeking to cover the costs of their treatment with insurance, as well as the insurance companies themselves. This makes developing a strong understanding of the ins and outs of dental insurance especially vital to your success.