It All Begins With You!

While it is impossible to control other people, and there might always be the chance of a patient being upset or taking things the wrong way, you harness a great amount of power in all interactions. How you respond and handle both your own emotions and the situation will make a big difference in how the other person interprets your attempts at conflict resolution. 



Always strive to maintain a positive attitude. Leave your personal conflicts or feelings separate from the situation at work — even if it may be difficult! We’re all human, and it’s okay to feel upset or frustrated at times, especially when you are dealing with tricky situations. However, being careful to keep your mindset positive and anything that is upsetting you personally separate from your professionalism and work behavior will make sure that you do not make the situation worse or take the wrong step.


An especially important step? Never “kick the cat”. This phrase is used to describe what employees do when they take their frustrations out on the patient. Find another way to vent, either by requesting the ability to give feedback to management, or by dealing with your own personal conflicts offsite and away from patients and your job responsibilities. Never take your frustration or upset feelings out on a patient — this will be detrimental to your success in your hygiene career, and could end up damaging your entire practice in a huge way.