Navigating Financial Collection


Collecting payments from patients can be an especially tricky thing to navigate for the business team of a dental office. However, it is extremely important. A high collection rate is essential for a dental practice to maximize its revenue and ensure that it achieves the financial success that will keep it successfully running. 


Collecting from patients can present its own unique conflicts – for example, a patient may put off sending payments for their treatments, or they may get frustrated if they have an outstanding balance – which has a negative impact on your practice’s financial success. This can present an especially difficult conflict for your business team members. 


However, it will be relieving to hear that collecting from patients is heavily dependent on the confidence of your business team. Your business team will find greater success by harnessing a confident and assured approach to collecting from patients. By following the system for financial presentation closely, and following the steps listed below, the issues that may arise with collecting from patients will certainly be minimized as much as they can be.


Remember . . . by harnessing CONFIDENCE, your team will be able to PASS IT ON to your patients!