No Insurance? No Problem

If a patient has no dental insurance, or if their maximums have been met, this can cause a large obstacle for the patient to follow through with the treatment that they need. Luckily, dental practices respond to this issue by offering flexible payment plans, often through companies such as SunBit. 


While there are several routes that a patient could take to seek financing for their dental treatment, SunBit is the most popular due to the ease of application process, and the fact that almost everyone is approved for something. Offer financing options to all patients who are facing out-of-pocket costs for their dental treatment, and be sure to mention opportunities such as SunBit. This will increase case acceptance, decrease last-minute cancellations, and give you more confidence when offering payment options. 



Always remember, it is important to listen to patients’ concerns about payment costs, fear of being rejected due to bad credit, and whatever else they may be concerned about with empathy and compassion. Always be sure to assure patients that there is a payment plan for nearly everyone out there — and dental treatment is certainly valuable enough to warrant seeking it out!