Not so amazing things about dentistry

  1. Dental health is an integral part of overall health, but often, patients don’t understand it, nor do they value it. 
  1. You will learn that main dental diseases, such as cavities and gum disease, are silent and do not cause pain until the advanced stage, giving a false feeling that these conditions can wait and don’t need fixed. Due to the lack of symptoms, and pain with dental problems, most patients wrongly believe dentistry is an elective treatment.  
  1. Dentistry has a negative perception for many patients based on prior negative experiences. 
  1. Dentistry offers services that have limited coverage by dental insurance. The high cost of dental treatment makes dentistry even less desirable for patients to make an integral part of their lives.
  2. Patients have a harder time paying for elective things, especially those thinking of potential discomfort or pain in their mouth.

Many patients are appearance driven and want to look better. They will spend money, time, and energy to look better. If your team understands how to educate patients about procedures to enhance their appearance, they will accept this treatment despite the lack of insurance coverage or a high price tag. 

My goal is to help you help your patients say YES to recommended treatment even if the conditions do not hurt, are not covered well by insurance, or if patients have anxiety about dental treatment based on their past experiences.