Sense of Sight


Visual stimuli have an important role in informing the conscious mind of our surroundings.

Create a strong, relaxing visual environment in the reception area (otherwise known as an art gallery!) and extend this to all corners of your practice.

One of the most important factors to focus on is cleanliness. Ask yourself often, does the office look clean? If the treatment room doesn’t look clean, this is a very bad sign, and patients WILL notice.

A few items to consider when catering to patients include:

  • A welcoming reception area.
  • Tasteful pictures around the office to make it more inviting.
  • Clutter-free treatment rooms.
  • Organized sterilization area.
  • Organized lab area.
  • Dental chairs that are always in tip-top shape.
  • Clean windows (free of dirt and bird droppings).
  • Clean floors and counters.
  • Clean, smudge-free lights in the operatories

When a patient enters the treatment room, all instruments should be in the sterile pouch/cassette, unopened, paper side up.

Anesthetic syringes and needles must be hidden.

All instruments must be out of sight when dismissing the patient.