The Golden Rule


EVERY patient, regardless of their race, age, gender, ability to speak English, or social status, should be treated as a VIP by all members of your dental team. 


The patient, after all, is the only reason that the practice is able to stay afloat. Ensuring that they have a great experience, and feel properly welcomed by all members of the team, also ensures that they come back and feel comfortable with following through with their appointments. 


This doesn’t depend on the day, time, or patient — it is true for all of them. 


Moreover, every team member is vital in creating “The Experience” for every patient. 


When it comes to your specific duties when following the Golden Rule, this is what you should focus on: 


  • Following through on all promises. 
  • NEVER say “no”. 
  • Using Power Words, such as “Absolutely” and “Of course”.
  • Using other great phrases, such as “I would be happy to”, or “Thank you”. 
  • Displaying GREAT communication skills — greet the patients like friends! 
  • Having a friendly voice and demeanor at all times. 
  • Be your office cheerleader — tell potential patients about your office, and how great the doctors and experience are.
  • Always maintain a gentle touch when taking care of patients.
  • NEVER ignore patients. 


These rules are especially crucial for somebody in your role. As a dental hygienist, you are your patient’s number one advocate. You tend to their needs and concerns closely. In fact, they often see you more than any of the doctors. This makes your impact on the patient’s experience especially strong – something which should never be forgotten.


Prepare yourself to learn! You are on the road to success.