The Importance of High Case Acceptance

Dental treatment can be easy to put off until it starts to hurt. Not only because of the lack of apparent symptoms or pain in early stages, but also because each patient has their own lives and their own conflicts. In our technologically advanced world, your messages are quickly drowned out by millions of others. This can make it far too easy for patients to ignore their need for treatment, and avoid seeing the dentist before it is unfortunately too late.


Case acceptance is whether or not a patient actually follows through and attends the appointments necessary to treat the condition. A high level of case acceptance is absolutely essential for the financial success of your dental practice. Luckily, there are several key systems and protocols that can be implemented to increase the likelihood that patients will accept the recommended treatment. 


Case acceptance involves the entire team. 50% of it depends on the successful presentation by your clinical team, and 50% of it depends on a successful financial presentation by your business team.


In the end, the success rate always reduces to the same factor: CONFIDENCE. Think about it. If you were investing, would you feel motivated to invest in something presented by somebody who was tense, nervous and unsure, or would you rather invest in something presented by somebody who was confident, well-informed, and focused on the value of what they were presenting to you?


Dental treatment is an investment. It’s an investment in the patient’s health and their overall quality of life. Naturally, the same rings true – when you are able to present their treatment with confidence, they will feel confident in the treatment themselves, and will be more likely to understand its value and importance. 


So, how can your business team learn how to achieve higher case acceptance through confident financial presentation? We’ll show you.



The system that is featured in this lesson is designed to help your team members develop and maintain confidence when presenting the finances for a proposed treatment to a patient. You will learn the most vital habits to implement into your business team’s routine when discussing finances.


By harnessing CONFIDENCE, they will be able to PASS IT ON to your patients!