The Value of Treatment

Not only does the value that patients place on their treatment affect your ability to collect payment smoothly, but it also affects case acceptance levels too — and it’s easy to see why.  


It can be tempting to find difficulty in insisting on the importance of treatment to patients who admit to facing financial or personal difficulty in their lives which makes it hard to not put their oral health on the back burner. The compassion and empathy that you feel is a good thing — but it is important to remember that agreeing that a patient facing issues would be best to put off treating their oral condition is not the kind thing to do. 


In fact, it does that patient a disservice — their oral health condition will only grow worse, more expensive, and harder to treat the longer it goes untreated. They will face more pain, more difficulty in chewing and biting, and more discomfort in their day-to-day life if they give in to the temptation to put off treatment. A large aspect of case acceptance is in emphasizing the value of treatment to the patient. Illustrate it in terms that they understand — tell them how they will make their life better, healthier, and happier by choosing to treat their condition at the time that is recommended. 



By helping your patients understand the value of their needed treatment, you will ensure that they are motivated to fix the problems they suffer from, even amidst financial issues such as lack of full insurance coverage or concern about the overall expense. You will quickly discover that it’s all in the approach.


Patients want to feel like they are investing in themselves and their health — by understanding just how valuable of an investment dental care is, they will not dismiss the opportunity to seek treatment, no matter the difficulties that they may currently face in their situation. 



Encourage your patients to seek the best for their oral health and emphasize how important it is for their health and overall quality of life. By focusing on the value of treatment, patients will not get so easily hung up on the financial frustrations that they may have with their insurance or the cost of treatment in general. You will achieve greater success in helping your patients successfully and confidently treat their conditions.    


As a healthcare provider, you know something that your patients do not know. To be fair to all patients, we should list all of the available options to them and educate them thoroughly about their conditions and what might happen if they try to wait before treating them. Give patients all of the choices that are available to them, emphasize the value of choosing to treat their conditions, and accept the plan recommended by the doctor, and they will find a way to complete the treatment that they need in order to smile more and live more confidently and freely.