The World of Dentistry, Continued


This makes your role especially crucial to the well-being of your practice. In an appearance-based society, patients are very motivated to look better and feel more confident. They will spend money, time, and energy to do so. You and your team members offer priceless services to these patients — you are offering them self-confidence, a better appearance, and higher self-esteem. You and your team get to help them to look better, and smile comfortably and proudly, which directly contributes to their self-image and how they’re received in the world. 


For your patients, a healthy and beautiful smile could lead to a better job, or a new relationship. It’s been proven that when people smile more, even when there’s no reason to smile, they feel better and live longer. 


Dentistry is an integral part of healthcare — but even on top of that, dental teams offer patients a chance at a better and happier life. It is truly amazing to be able to open your appointment schedule every day and say, “We might change one of these people’s lives today. Let’s pick who it is.” 


This is something to be proud of, and excited about. Dental teams build confidence, and make smiles. You have the power to improve somebody’s wellness and their entire life.



When a dental team understands how to properly educate patients about procedures that can help them to solve the issues that they feel burdened by, they are far more likely to accept treatment when it is offered, regardless of any of the factors listed above. 


My goal is to help you to help your patients say YES to recommended treatment, even if the patients do not perceive pain, the treatment is not covered entirely by insurance, and even if the patient has anxiety about dental treatment based on their past experiences.