Verifying Insurance: The Key to Preventing Denials

While the process of dealing with insurance seems like an arduous task, you should never use this to justify your team skipping the step of verifying a patient’s insurance benefits. Verifying a patient’s insurance is when you confirm the patient’s coverage before the treatment, to ensure that all payments and treatment information are clear before the expenses are charged. 



It is absolutely essential that you and your team include this step when discussing finances with patients. Without following this important step, you will find your workload flooded with claim denials — which will add unnecessary stress not only for you, but for your team and your patient as well! By verifying their coverage beforehand, you will be fully prepared to file the claim correctly and to help your patient understand what they should be expecting from their insurance plan.


Best ways for your team to verify insurance coverage . . .

  • Login to the insurance portal to ensure the patient has insurance coverage and  get the benefits. Some insurances do not have an online portal or they have a limited information 
  • Call if needed to get the breakdown of insurance benefits.


Here is an example of the breakdown you need to have for each patients to:


  • Correctly present limitations of their insurance plan.
  • To give them the benefit breakdown 
  • To collect correct amount of copays