What Are Upmarket Procedures?

As you’ve learned thus far, dental procedures are an integral part of healthcare – and avoiding a needed dental treatment can be costly for both a patient’s oral health as well as their overall health. Procedures such as fixing cavities, treating periodontal disease or pulling and replacing teeth are necessary treatments. Of course, there are also dental treatments that are focused more so on aesthetics than health needs or function – these are known as upmarket procedures. 


Upmarket procedures are elective, yet their value should not be understated: a better-looking smile can quite seriously change a patient’s life for the better. It is a worthwhile investment in personal and professional success, as well as overall health and well-being. Investing in one’s smile is never something that patients regret – in fact, the results that follow can be absolutely life-changing!



We’ll briefly cover the most common dental procedures that are considered upmarket in this module, including dental implants, veneers, orthodontics, and teeth whitening. You will see firsthand just how valuable these treatments can be for the people who need them.


On the topic of upmarket procedures, always keep the value of the treatment at the forefront of your mind when discussing it with patients. Don’t treat upmarket procedures with indifference or dissuade patients from taking their oral confidence in their own hands. Always remember to treat all patients the same: provide them with information on your practice’s skills in the area that they are seeking, and guide them through all of the payment options that you offer. Every patient deserves to feel amazing when they smile!