What’s Next?

You have reached the end of this course on Finances 101 for Dental Businesses. By studying the content of this course, and by internalizing the systems, concepts and practices which were presented, you have reached a new level in your personal career. That is no small feat, so don’t feel shy about patting yourself on the back!

Make sure that you implement the information in the course, rather than forgetting about it now that the course is over. Remember, by committing yourself to these advanced financial concepts and skills, you are not only helping your dental practice grow, but also yourself as well. You will be able to reach new heights at your job, and in your career in general. Great job!

Your certificate of completion is located on the following page. Be sure to print it out and provide it to your supervisor. You should also keep it on hand as a personal reminder of your achievement, and your new skills.