While Composite Restorations replacing silver filings: Story of a patient

While Composite Restorations replacing silver fillings:
Story of a patient

This patient was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, Chron’s disease, and after researching her options, she wanted to remove all of her silver fillings. She had over ten fillings, and despite its cost, she removed and replaced them with all-white beautiful-looking composites. She loved moving toward being healthier her and her teeth looking best. The picture used is not of the patient.

As healthcare providers, we know something that our patients do not know. To be fair to patients, we should list all the options available and provide education regarding those options. Give patients all choices, provide a positive experience, and do not pre-judge their ability to pay based on age, financial status, or work. Patients will find a way to complete the treatment they desire to smile more and be more confident.

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