Word Voice Matters

When it comes to any form of communication, word choice matters. This is especially true for customer service. The words that you choose have certain implications and can set the mood for the interaction. 


This means that it’s important to not only avoid certain words or phrases but to also utilize words that have a powerful, positive effect. We call these “Power Words”. Power Words instill confidence and happiness in patients, and ensure that they feel that they are receiving an amazing experience at your clinic. 


When you prioritize PowerWwords in your language, you will find it much easier to achieve productive and positive interaction with your patients. Take note of all of the words in the image below — these are all great power words that you should adopt into your language while dealing with patients.



Of course, there are words and phrases that you should avoid too. These words carry a negative impact or connotation and leave patients feeling frustrated and unheard. It’s just as important to avoid using these words and phrases as it is to focus on using the power words above. Take a look at the words and phrases that you should absolutely avoid.



You’ll notice above that one of the keywords to avoid is “no”. Of course, this might seem tricky — after all, sometimes, patients will have requests that you cannot say “yes” to. However, what you can do is avoid saying the word “no” — instead, focus your answer on an alternative solution and what can be done to accommodate the patient’s request instead.