Work Culture & How It Affects Patient Experience


The work culture of a dental clinic can have a significant impact on patient experience in several ways. While you cannot transform the entire work culture yourself, making sure that you are a great member of your dental team and that you do what you can with what you have will make a tremendous difference. 


Furthermore, it will help you to negate any negative impacts that your work culture may have on patient experience if you understand the specific ways that it may have an impact. Being knowledgeable is half the battle with anything, especially when it comes to crafting an amazing experience for a customer or a patient.


Here are some of the key factors of a dental clinic’s work culture that may have an impact on patient experience: 


  • Attitude and behavior of team members. The attitude and behavior of team members can influence how patients feel about their visit. Friendly and welcoming staff can help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed. However, staff members who are rude, dismissive, or unprofessional can cause patients to feel more anxiety, to become dissatisfied, or to even decide that they do not like your clinic altogether. While you cannot control the attitude of others, understanding why this might have an effect and how it will present will help you to understand how to interact with patients who might have an issue that does not lie with you.
  • Communication styles. Clear and effective communication is essential in any workplace, but especially in a dental clinic. Patients need to be informed about their treatment options, the procedures involved, what they can expect as well as how they will be able to pay for the costs of their procedure. This sort of environment requires great communication from all staff members, on both the clinical and the business sides of the spectrum. If there is an issue with communication somewhere down the line, patients might become confused or frustrated. You cannot change the communication style of other people, but you can work to help patients if they are feeling left out of the loop or confused. 
  • Teamwork. A dental clinic is made up of several different types of professionals, including dentists, hygienists, and business staff. Since everyone brings something different to the table, it is especially important for a dental team that they are able to work together. Being unable to work together might create gaps in communication, or attitude. While you cannot change the teamwork style of your coworkers, you can work to set a great example for others and ensure that you are a great member of your team.