Workplace Gossip

It all starts with you. You may think that you’re only one person, but as we’ve made clear so far, you have a strong impact on the culture of your practice. Work culture is important both for the happiness of your team and for the way that patients perceive your office. Your work culture will have an impact on your patient’s experience at your clinic, and ultimately, the success of your practice amongst the competition. Even if the work culture is toxic internally, and everything for patients is done right, a negative work culture will have a strong negative impact on patients in many ways. 


The people on your team will define the culture overall. This is why it is especially essential to promote a great workplace culture amongst your fellow team members, not just for yourself, but for patients as well. 


One of the biggest enemies of a great work culture is gossip. While gossip may feel harmless and tempting at times, it is extremely destructive, especially for the person serving as the unwitting target. Negative chatter spreads quickly and can plague the entire practice. This will create a workplace culture that has low morale, a poor environment, and more conflict between team members — which leads to more conflict with patients too.